Thursday, 9 July 2009

More Free Horse Racing Tips

There is no sure way to make money when it comes to betting on horse racing, that's why it's called gambling. However, there are ways to increase the odds that you will have at least made your most educated guess and not left it entirely up to fate. It never hurts to seek out tips before you head to the races, even though some of them may not be valid. You'll have to use your own instincts and knowledge to weed out the good tips from the bad.

A great way to see if the tips that you are getting are valid or not is to follow the races for a few days without placing any money to see if the tips come through. Get a good amount of information from your source and then wait and compare them with the race results. You'll be able to see in just a few days how accurate the tips they are providing you are and if they look good, then the chances are you'll have the same outcome when betting with actual funds.

On the other hand, if you don't turn up any winners, or a very low percentage of them, then you know that you should probably not trust that source. Keep in mind, however, that no one can be right one hundred percent of the time, especially in gambling. Make sure that you wait a few days and watch several different races before you decide if the tips are good or bad because there are several variables that can make even valid tips appear to be wrong. You'll never be able to know if a horse is going to be sick or a track condition exists that produces a different result than what they were able to predict.

You'll have to use your discretion as even the very best and most frequently correct tipsters are playing the odds just like you. The only difference is that they have a bit more base knowledge about the racers and the tracks than you do. For example, they may have the exact weights of the racers, which can effect the outcome. You have nothing to lose if you try them on a trial bases before making an actual bet.

You must always remember that horse racing is gambling and there is no guarantee for the outcome of any race. You can bet more accurately, hopefully increasing your earnings, if you have some of the knowledge that tipsters can offer. Explore your options, try a few different tipster services, and hopefully you will find one that seems to work for you increasing your winnings as well as giving you a better understanding for larger wins later on.

Start exploring your options and checking out different sources of information before you plan on placing a bet. It's best to gather as much information as possible before you risk losing any money. Gambling can be very fun, but it doesn't hurt to make an educated guess, giving you a better grasp on a good outcome.

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