Thursday, 9 July 2009

How To Pick A Horse Racing Tipster Service That Works

Everyone placing bets on horse racing has a common goal to take home the jackpot or at least make a profit at the end of the night. Because everyone wants to win they will typically seek out the best ways to help that happen, most commonly by seeking the advice of a tipster service. Because there are so many different services out there, how are you supposed to pick the service that will work best for you?

Finding an accurate and reliable service has become even harder these days. Since the invention of the Internet more people are using it to cash in on their own greed. There are tips to make seeking and selecting your horse racing tipster service easier and more successful. There are some basic guidlines that will help you to weed out the fraudulant services and find yourself one that will work for your needs.

The most important horse racing tip you can remember is that no service, regardless of the amount of information that they have at their fingertips, can guarantee a winner on every single bet you place. There are always odds and variables that cannot be predicted ahead of time and a good service will know this. They should promise you an educated guess to give you the most accurate prediction that they can and nothing more. If you see a guarantee anywhere in their tag line or their offices, turn around and leave. They're lying, as simple as that. If they're going to lie from the beginning, how can you trust them any further?

You may see that some tipster services offer free information while others ask for a paid subscription. Normally the sources asking for a subscription will give you better results since they have the resources, and most likely the experience, to give you the best outcome. If they were not providing accurate answers people would stop paying them. However it is not always the case since some free tips can actually be quite good, so how do you know that the information you are getting is valid?

Many subscription services will allow you a free trial before you begin paying and you should take full advantage of this. Watch their picks for a week or two, without placing any money on them, and see what percentage of the time they are correct. If it's close or even correct most of the time, then you know that they know what they are doing and you'll stand a good chance at winning if you go with them. If not, then you aren't out anything and you simply move on to find another service.

Even after making your pick keep in mind that they can only offer you picks based on their information and statistics. Use that information and combine it with your own and compare the outcome. You are ultimately in control and must make the final decision so don't do something you don't feel right about just because your service tells you to. It's your money that will be lost, not theirs. Take their tips as a second opinion, not the only opinion.

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