Thursday, 9 July 2009

Free Horse Racing Tips To Get Profit

Most people that bet on horse races do so because they are looking for an easy way to make some cash. Getting horse racing tips for free is the best way to make sure that you are making some of that money without spending anything against it. You'll need at least a basic understanding of horse betting background knowledge before you look for any free tips so that you know if the tips you are getting are credible towards the race that you want to bet on. Otherwise you'll end up losing money with tips that are not accurate. Some tipsters are just out to get you to visit their site so that they can rack up the visitor numbers. Their tips are most likely not even researched and can end up costing you instead.

There is never any guarantee, no matter how large the race or how small of a race, that you will actually be able to win. No matter what tips you use it is still gambling and each bet is a risk that you may have to lose money on. It is completely out of your control. The only thing that you can do to give yourself a little extra boost is to study the past performances of the horses, their jockeys, and even the horse trainers to help you make an educated guess on who has the best chance at winning.

If any free tip you receive from any source tells you that they can guarantee you will win, it's a safe bet that they are lying and you need to get away from them before you are broke. A website that will tell you that their only intent is to help educate you before you place a bet is most likely a source you can trust. It's possible that with the research that they have put into their tips, as well as your own intuition and knowledge, could lead to you bringing home some extra cash.

You need to make sure, especially if you are not from an area where horse racing is a common sport, that you understand what constitutes as a bet and even more importantly, what it takes to win that bet. It's easy to watch one race and think that you understand what it takes, but there are too many variations that can change very rapidly from race to race to just jump right into betting. Make sure that you understand the following important tips:

Laying a bet is not the same thing as placing your bet. When you lay a bet, you are picking a horse that has been picked as the underdog to at least place. You must be very careful when laying a bet. You need to know how many horses are racing to bet a place bet. For example, if seven horses are racing, only the first place horse will win, if there are eight horses, the top two places win and in a sixteen horse race, the top three horses will win. It may also pay off to place a split bet, where you are betting on two different horses in a large bet and hoping that both of them will place.

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