Thursday, 9 July 2009

Beware Free Horse Racing Tips; They Are Not Always What They Seem

Everyone that places bets is doing so because they'd like to win. It really isn't any surprise that the Internet has suddenly burst with sites willing to 'help' you win by offering free horse racing tips. Some sites, however, only have selfish reasons for providing such tips so how do you know which ones to accept? One tip that comes through almost every time is that the larger the bet you are going to place and the larger the event you are betting on is, the more selective you'll want to be about the tips that you choose to use.

When you go to the large race courses such as the Aintree Race Course for the Grand National or the Cheltenhamand Race Course for the Gold cup, you'll find there are several people willing to give their own version on who is going to walk away the winner. Of course the website owners know that the most bets are going to be placed during these races and so the most fraudulent tips are going to be around during the times, before these races. They are able to get the most hits to their webpage by advertising guaranteed results, even if they don't know the first thing about racing.

How are you supposed to know if the tips you are getting are accurate? The best way is to look around the site for signs that they know what they are talking about, such as articles that are written with large amounts of horse betting knowledge. Another way is to look for a promise on the tips from the site. Any real tipsters service knows that there is no way to guarantee the tips that they are giving you, so look on their site for anything that tells you of the fact that they cannot guarantee the results or the accuracy. That they are only attempting to help you to get the most educated guess you can for your bet.

This may be a reason why it is better to pay a tipster instead of searching for free services online. Hopefully services that you have to pay for will be backed up with a little more thought since people would not continue to pay them for a service that does not produce results. If you can tell that the service has been around for awhile then you know that the tips they give are at least close to the outcomes of races. Tipster services that require pay normally hire people that put a lot of time and effort into their research to come out with the best predictions possible.

The reason that you may want to take advantage of a tipster service is because they have an extreme wealth of knowledge on everything about the horses, their jockeys, and the tracks including weight, age, health, colour, weather, and other details that can significantly effect the outcome of the race. Even though you can just get tips for free you may find yourself losing money while you try to find the ones that are actually correct, so sometimes just going for a long standing tipster service, regardless of the cost, will be a better chance to get the most for your money.

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